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TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests Procedures - Policy Changes

From June 1st, 2019 onwards, there will be two important updates made to the administration procedures for the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests.

One change is related to note-taking. Up until now, taking note during the administration of the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests were forbidden. Effective June 1st, 2019 note taking will now be allowed during the test administrations.

In addition to this, there will also be changes to the preparation times during the TOEIC® Speaking test. These extended preparation times will be effective for all TOEIC® Speaking test forms starting June 1st.

You can refer to the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests Examinee Handbook for more information.



Upcoming Events

  1. TOEIC Speaking & Writing

    1 April @ 1:00 pm
  2. TOEIC Speaking Only

    1 April @ 2:00 pm
  3. Toeic Listening and Reading ( NEW )

    3 April @ 2:00 pm
  4. Toeic Listening and Reading ( NEW )

    4 April @ 9:30 am
  5. Toeic Listening and Reading ( NEW )

    8 April @ 10:00 am
  6. Toeic Listening and Reading ( NEW )

    15 April @ 10:00 am
  7. TOEFL Junior Test

    15 April @ 3:00 pm

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COVID19 Precautionary Measures   Since 30th Jan 2020, we have taken all the precautionary measures recommended by MOH, including temperature taking and travel declaration by every test taker, before each test administration. Test rooms are regularly cleaned and hand sanitizers are readily available. We understand that the additional procedures are inconvenient but necessary for everyone’s well being. If you are taking a test, please register at the test venue early to facilitate the admission process. We appreciate your cooperation and aim to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your test to take place. (more…)
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