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10 Super Useful Career Tips For Millennials (Part 1)

1. Build A Strong Foundation First

In any company, we know that the earlier you make significant contributions, the attention and impact will earn you greater support for your future projects. However, some millennials may tend to be overly confident and forget that it takes time to learn and adapt to the new environment, as well as to build networks and working relationships with others. With a stronger foundation, the contribution you can make in the company will be more valuable and consistent in the long run.

2. Seek Out Mentors Who Live the Lifestyle You Desire

It’s always important to select the right mentor. When seeking out a mentor, be sure that this person is in the same industry as you and who is also living the lifestyle that you yourself desire to one day have. The right mentor will be able to tell you what you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

3. Consider Your Career as a Set of Experiences

Rather than thinking of your career itself as how long you stay with a single employer, think of it instead as a set of experiences, regardless of how many employers you’ve actually been with. Gathering all of these experiences together will essentially transform you into a lifelong learner, which will help you make even more of an impact and be successful. Furthermore, all of your combined experiences will provide you with a much broader world view, which will make you a more interesting person to other people.

4. Take Risks Often and Early

Despite what you may have heard, it can actually be risky to not take risks in your career. In fact, if you just continue to keep taking on the same routine over and over again every day, you stand virtually no chance whatsoever of getting ahead; however, if you choose to take a risk, you will be giving yourself the chance to learn, regardless of whether you succeed at that particular risk or not. Furthermore, you’re also letting members of management know that in terms of making things happen, you’re more than willing to put your own reputation on the line.

5. Travel as Much as Possible

Companies who are seeking to expand their businesses hire the best talent, regardless of where they’re located. By taking the opportunity to travel as much as you can, you will be putting yourself in a position of not only serving your particular marketplace, but also taking advantage of it as well. Something as simple as learning new languages is something that will put you in the driver’s seat as well, as it can be difficult for companies to find potential employees who know how to speak more than one language.



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