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10 Super Useful Career Tips For Millennials (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of a 2-part series of the article “10 Super Useful Career Tips For Millennials”. The 1st part can be found here.

6. Launch Your Own Website

Launching your own website under your own name is a great way to put more focus on your own particular work profile. Acting as a form of resume, this will enable you to refer other individuals to the work that you’ve previously completed, regardless of what the projects may have been. As your career continues to develop, further work that you complete can also be added to your website as well.

7. Never Settle for a Job You Aren’t in Love With

Many people tend to force college graduates to get jobs simply just so they can pay the bills; however, this is quite possibly the worst advice that can be given to one of these people. In fact, if you’re a college graduate and this happens to you, the chances are great that you likely won’t last long at whatever job you end up with.

Additionally, a company will also not want to keep someone who is only there to make money when there is always another individual who may want the job even more, and for different reasons. Being in love with a job is always a good thing because it helps to keep you excited about what you do. Furthermore, you’ll also work harder, thereby getting more work done as a result. If you aren’t in love with your job, take that as a sign to begin looking for something else.

8. Build Case Studies and Measure All of Your Work Outcomes

The majority of student resumes always look the same in terms of educational field, job experience, etc. Additionally, students will also attempt to make their experience bulletpoints look more attractive so that everything looks more marketable; however, many recruiters are looking for actual outcomes. Consider taking the time to measure all of your various projects and making note of all of the results, as this will help in justifying promotions.

9. Spend Time with Actual People

There are many students who don’t necessarily seem to understand that relationships are better formed in-person rather than online. These types of skills are always sought after more by companies, which makes it important that you take the opportunity to spend time with actual people instead of using technology such as laptops and smartphones to do the job for you.

10. Make Sacrifices Now to Prepare for Later

It’s no secret that you can’t have everything that you want right now, which makes it important to work as hard as you can to better prepare yourself for the future. Sure, you could spend a good deal of time hanging out with your friends or partying, or you can instead take a step back and look at the bigger picture. When it comes to your career, the more you do beforehand, the more things will pay off for you later on.


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