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3 Ways To Increase Productivity Which Not Every Boss Will Agree With

Even if you have the best job in the world, there are still going to be days when the thought of going to work makes you want to pull the covers up and stay in bed all day.

Not because you’re sick, but because there’s something going on at work that’s bothering you. It might be a project that’s not going well, a co-worker you don’t get along with, or even just a feeling that you’re stuck in a rut.

Rather than calling in sick, though, try one of these ideas to improve your outlook and you might just solve the original problem.

Tired and uninspired? Take a nap.

Several studies have shown that a twenty minute nap in the middle of the afternoon will perk you up far better than an energy drink or cup of coffee and let you approach a problem with fresh eyes.

Many companies recognise this and offer a nap room, but even if yours doesn’t, there’s probably someplace you can go to shut your eyes and turn off your brain. Try an unused meeting room, the staff break room at an off-peak time, or even the desk of a co-worker who is on vacation.

Feeling swamped? Invite two or three co-workers out to lunch.

No, not the ones at the next desk – you spend too much time with them already.

Get to know somebody from another floor or a different department. Get out of the office and don’t talk about work.

The point is to get to know the people, not what they do all day. Finding out what they do away from the office is a great way to discover their skills and interests. You might discover an ally you can call on when you need a fresh perspective on a project or a sounding board for your wild idea. You could even find a friend willing to listen to you complain when things aren’t going well!

Stuck in a rut? Start a game!

Challenge a co-worker to juggle a pile of stress balls, or see how many rows of cubicles you can toss a paper airplane across.

You want to start a friendly competition that gets you and your co-workers up from their desk for a few minutes. Not only is this a good way to sneak a few minutes of exercise into your day but it will help save your eyes from monitor strain. Even better, by getting your brain focused on something unrelated to work, you give your sub-conscious mind a chance to work on your problems and open yourself up to an ”a-ha moment”.

Wait a minute ..

But will management hate these ideas? As long as you don’t get carried away, overdoing it or getting customers involved, probably no (hopefully!). You should probably talk it over with your immediate superior before you involve your co-workers, but they should understand that what looks like a distraction is actually a good way of increasing employee engagement with the company. And once they see the benefits to the company in the form of improved productivity, they might even be inspired to try introducing a few ideas of their own!


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