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4 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Wish To Grow In Your Career

Getting started out in your career, you no doubt had high hopes of having a flourishing work life and being the best in your area. As anyone who has actually succeeded in getting to the top will tell you, getting there is definitely not the easiest thing.

It also doesn’t help matters if you find yourself making some mistakes along the way that only spell doom for your hopes of being in a fulfilling position. Here is a look at 4 such mistakes to avoid

1. Changing Jobs Too Soon, Too Often

It may seem quite exciting to be a serial job hopper that is always changing jobs every couple of months, but your career may suffer for it in the long term. For starters, most hiring managers do have a certain bias against job hoppers, for the simple reason that this kind of behavior gives off the impression that you cannot be depended upon and are too flaky.

Again, staying at a job for only a couple of months may not be enough time to gain relevant on-the-job experience. Hiring managers are as much interested in what you have actually done as they are about what you have the potential to do. Your experience speaks to both.

2. Not Quitting Soon Enough

Sometimes, through no fault of your own, a job just isn’t the right fit. Stay at such a job for a long time and you will only end up being frustrated. Every minute of your workday will just be you going through the motions. You will not be fulfilled, and as a result, you will not find the motivation to tap into your full potential and push yourself to do better and grow in your career.

Be it that your skills are underutilized at your present job, leaving you mentally unsatisfied, or you have to deal with a hostile work environment if it’s not working out, then, by all means, look elsewhere.

3. Not Upgrading Your Skill Set

In the highly competitive arena that is the job market, you simply cannot afford not to upgrade your skills. Employers want to know what it is that you bring to the table that not many others can deliver. You should always strive to set yourself apart from the rest if you are to win in the career race.

If you are to survive, grow and thrive in your career, you need to look into continually improve yourself. Make it a point to learn a new skill at least every year.

4. Not Building And Growing Your Network

It is always about the people, and the stronger your professional network, the better your chances of growing in your career. If you don’t invest in and develop these professional relationships, you will miss out on excellent opportunities to stay on top of what is happening in your industry and the job market. Do it right, and one of your connections could very well be your next boss.

It’s never too late until it actually is, and knowing which mistakes to avoid, you can start working on making things right for a chance to grow in your career.


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