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5 Dangerous Career Advice You Should Watch Out For

The worst career advice are almost always from not-so-successful people. Therefore you should always consider where you are getting your advice from before accepting it as truth.

Here’s the top 5 career advice to follow if your reason for going to work every morning is to receive that paycheck at month’s end.

1. Stick To The Standard Model

The standard model for success is going to school, getting good grades and hoping that you land yourself a great job with steady progression. This model worked well for people growing up in the second half the 20th century but it doesn’t apply anymore.

Many of today’s achievers got average grades in school and they are now hiring workers with stellar grades. They succeeded because the school systems are churning out hard workers who are risk-averse. Which means that innovative minds willing to put everything on the line are becoming rarer and therefore, stand a higher chance of success if they go their own way. Meanwhile, the people who worked hard and did as they were told are struggling to get jobs because the competition is so high.

2. Choose a Career That Guarantees You The Most Money

If everybody wants to be an investment banker or an engineer then the competition for those jobs is immense. You may just make it through the tough university courses and land that job that you want solely for the paycheck only to find that your friend who you laughed at when he said he wanted to be a DJ makes more money than most bankers while travelling the world and partying for a living.

3. Passion? They’re For Dreamers

Following your passion ensures that you will have a better quality of life. Your passion for gardening may not bring in as much money as being a stockbroker however you will love every day that you spend pruning bushes but if you chose to be a stockbroker you’ll end up spending a large bulk of your paycheck on anti-depressants because life will have lost its wonder.

4. Patiently Inch Your Way Up The Corporate Ladder

Corporate environments are cut-throat and the spots above are always far and few between. If you are determined and skilled enough then you can climb your way up to the top. But very few make it that far. The majority reaches a glass ceiling where no additional effort can get them any higher.

If your goal is to be the boss and call the shots then you’ll have better luck starting your own business now. Starting your own business will always be more risky but the rewards, when you made it through, are much sweeter.

5. Don’t Take Risks

The world is owned by risk-takers. They came to the conclusion that they would rather be great on their own terms than do what is expected of them. Most of these people are the exception rather than the rule. However the only way to find out is to try. If things don’t quite work out as how you wanted them, at least you do not have to live with bugging regrets.


Everybody thinks that they know the best course of action. Even if you have a successful and well-meaning person sharing his secret sauce with you, what worked for him might not work for you. Ultimately, the life that you live is your responsibility and only you know what is best for you. Know where you want to be, have a clear vision for how you’re going to get there and when in doubt, listen to your gut.


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