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5 Simple Tips To Help Avoid Burnout at Work

A full-time job can be demanding and stressful. If chronic stress goes on too long, you might find yourself in full-blown burnout mode.

Being burned out affects your performance, thus putting your job at risk, and can make it difficult to seek out other more fulfilling employment.

It’s important to take care of yourself, even with a busy schedule. Here are five things you should do if you find yourself stressed out from work.

1) Prioritise Sleep

Most people are happy to score five or six hours of sleep per night, but to maintain optimum mental faculty, you need closer to eight or nine. Compounded sleep deprivation leads to lower mental functioning, poor reaction time, and even mental illness. If you’ve been staying up until midnight goofing around on the Internet or watching Netflix every night, cut back and go to deep hours earlier. Your health is more important than wasteful entertainment.

2) Move Closer to Work or Find a Job Closer to Home

For many people,it’s not the job that gets to them, but the commute. Commuting more than an hour each way is not sustainable, as far as sanity goes. You might be less attached to your current living situation than you think you are. If your current job is important to you, find a new home that will shorten your travel time. If you’re not particularly attached to your job, seek employment closer to home. If you need more motivation, imagine adding 10 hours of free time to your week.

3) Take Your Full Lunch Break

Unless you can work through lunch and leave the office early, there’s no reason to blow through free time that you don’t get paid for. Use your lunch break to its full potential. Go outside. Sit in the park. Read a book. Call a friend. Some of your coworkers might want to show how dedicated they are by working through their lunch hour, but there’s no need. You’ll be a more effective worker if you take the time to decompress.

4) Take Every Vacation Day

Workers in Asia collectively leave millions of paid vacation days on the table each year. If you have sufficient vacation days built into your work contract, fully take advantage of paid time off to get rejuvenated with your life. Come back refreshed and fully charged – you’ll be more productive and find more success in your career without burning yourself out in pent up stress.

5) Take Sick Days

If you wake up sick, call in sick. Working while trying to get over the flu will delay healing and raise your stress levels. You will also take a longer time to recover too.


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