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5 Things Your Interviewer Really Wants To Know

You have been to a number of interviews and have been hearing more or less the same questions and think that you have mastered how to answer them. Well, you had better think twice because it’s not nearly as easy as you may think. Have you ever given serious thought to what it is exactly that interviewers want to know?

1. Can You Get The Job Done?

Your skill set will, of course, be at the very top of what your interviewers are looking to establish. Instead of going on and on about what you can do, the best way to approach any question touching on your skills is to focus on the set of skills that make you especially suited or qualified for the job.

Take careful note of the job description provided, and answer accordingly. Any skill, or experience that you mention should inspire confidence in your ability to get the job done, and get it done right.

2. How Well Do You Know The Company?

Anyone can take a quick look at a company’s website as they get ready for an interview. However, it takes some level of genuine interest to look beyond. Employers want to work with someone who understands their goals and mission. Not only that, but your interviewers will want to know how your own personal goals and missions align with the company’s.

3. Are You A Good Fit For The Company?

Every company has its own culture and way of doing things. You will be working as part of a team, and as such, it is extremely important to ensure that you do fit in well with the rest. An interviewer may throw questions about your strengths and weaknesses to assess exactly that. In your response, be specific about how said strengths and weaknesses have played out in real life situations at your previous workplaces. When looking for a good fit, soft skills are a major consideration.

4. How Badly, If At All, Do You Want The Job?

Not every candidate who shows up for an interview is actually interested in the job. For some, its just an opportunity to work on and sharpen their interview skills, while for others, said interview is only one of many options that they are exploring.

Interviewers will as leading questions to assess how serious you are about the job. Employers know too well that if they offer the job to someone who is not really invested, they will have to deal with unmotivated under-performance, and the new hire jumping ship when another opportunity presents itself.

5. How Does The Company Fit Into Your Career Road Map?

Your interviewers will be interested to know how you’re the journey has been to get you to where you are in your career. How ambitious are you and how enthusiastic about realizing your career goals? Does taking up the job on offer fit into the plans you have for your career or is it just a pit stop until something seemingly better comes along?

You will only get the answer right if you understand the question. Take your time to understand what the interviewer is really asking, answer accordingly and you will land that job that has been so elusive for so long.


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