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8 Traits Of A High Performing Career Person

In every organisation, there are the regular 9-5 Joes and also the driven and hardworking workers.

In today’s post, we examine the common traits and differentiating characteristics of these high performing career people.

He has a plan

A high performing person thinks ahead. He has a long-term career goal that is broken down into multiple milestones, along with specific steps and projected timelines to meet each of them. While it is not always possible to stay perfectly on course, a career roadmap helps high performers chart their progress and realise their best potential along the way. As the saying goes, if you don’t plan, you are planning to fail.

He’s a social butterfly

A high performing career person is an expert in leveraging his network to secure the best starting point in an organisation. Once in the job, he knows that the climb up the corporate ladder will be easier the more people he knows and who likes him too.

He’s got the can-do attitude

The smart worker rarely say no to getting something done. While aptitude is important, many companies place great importance on attitude as well. Armed with a can-do attitude to contribute, the positive worker will certainly get the recognition and appreciation he deserves in no time.

He’s educated (with exceptions of course)

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

While not a pre-requisite to success in the corporate world or in life in general, education is still the most powerful weapon one can use to get a stronger head start in his career. The high flyer worker never stops educating himself. He is constantly upgrading himself through learning and training, both inside and outside of the organisation.

He’s a hard worker

The driven career persons don’t just clock their regular hours. They outperform their co-workers by contributing more, working harder and longer most of the days. The hardworking performer is always above issues, and he’s therefore the favourite go-to person when important things need to get reliably done. He understands that working smart is important but not a replacement for working hard.

He doesn’t shortchange himself

The smart performer keeps a running record of his achievements in the company. He knows that his bosses are too busy to remember his many contributions, especially when it comes to the year end performance review. With a journal of all his measurable and quantifiable contributions, he makes it certain he will not be mistaken as just a regular performer begging for a raise.

He challenges himself

The easiest way to not get promoted is to stick squarely to your job’s description. The high flyer does not limit his efforts (thus his progression) to what he’s officially supposed to do. He understands that doing his job well is a basic expectation. Only by performing beyond his constraints can he get himself noticed and appreciated.

He aligns himself

The high performer clearly understands the broader organisational goals as well as his boss’s objectives. He aligns his efforts and actions as much as possible as he knows that the best way to advance his own interests is to first help his boss and the company advance theirs.


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