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** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Is it possible that a single test is standing between you and your next career advancement?

If so, would your career advancement worth 2 hours of you time?

With more than 7 million test administered per year across 150 countries TOEIC is used by 14,000 organisations as one of their main criteria in their recruitment process.

To cater to different job functions and industries, TOEIC tests include Listening & Reading, Speaking & Writing and Speaking Only test.

Despite the difference, all the tests are a result from 20 years of ongoing research and development.

These tests are prepared in adherence to strict guidelines to ensure a consistent and fair test-taking experience. Every test form is equated, to ensure that no test is easier or more difficult than another, and the measurement is equitable.

The specially developed test has the uncanny ability to provide accurate and reliable measurement of English proficiency level of test takers.

If you are still wondering why your qualification and experience are not getting you the much sought-after interview, TOEIC English proficiency test may be that important deal breaker.

If you are looking for that one-up from you peers, TOEIC could be that internationally recognised Professional credential you have been missing.

At TOEIC Singapore (managed by Connectere (S) Pte Ltd), we believe you should not lose out on that job application, that promotion and opportunity just because you do not have a standardized and recognised means of proving your English Proficiency level.

Sign up now for TOEIC test so that your ability to communicate in English can be quantified. Get the test scores widely used for hiring and promotion decisions, as well as internal evaluation.

Not sure which test is suitable for you? Contact us to find out more.


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