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Building Relationships at the Workplace

Forming good relationships with colleagues can increase work satisfaction, which will likely lead to boost work efficiency within the team.
Hence, it is considerable to bear in mind some tips which can help build positive relationships at work.  


Showing Gratitude

There are a few ways to show gratitude.
In Asia, buying food for sharing with others is a common way to show them gratitude for the help rendered.

“I appreciate your help”
“Thank you for your help”

Phrases such as “I appreciate your help” and “Thank you for your help” in spoken or written communication are also building blocks of establishing good relationships amongst your colleagues and corporate partners.
Sending corporate gifts to stakeholders to celebrate milestones of corporate events or anniversaries are another form of showing gratitude for the other party’s involvement and contribution to the organisation’s success.  


Ask Questions

If you are new to the team, introducing yourself and asking your co-workers questions about their lives will help with building rapport.
When you introduce yourself, you are giving people an opportunity to know you.
It may also open more dialogues if you and your colleagues happen to share similar interests.
Do not be afraid to ask your colleagues questions about their lives as it adds a personal touch to the relationship.
However, a good tip would be to begin with general small-talk questions, instead of deeper intimate questions.
Some people may not be ready to share deeper until they know you better.
This comes with an element of understanding your colleagues more as you spend more time with them. 


Having Meals Together 

A light-hearted platform to get to know your colleagues would be to have meals together.
It is informal and allows for conversations to flow freely, outside of work duties.
Eating together, in most cultures, is a common way to bridge gaps and foster relationships.
Although it is not forbidden to talk shop during lunch as the situation sometimes calls for it, try not to have discussions about work during lunch where possible.
Instead, focus your interest in getting to know and understand your colleagues better.  


Helping Each Other 

Offering your help to fellow co-workers when it is needed is another way to pave the way for a stronger relationship.
Even if it is not within your job scope to help out, asking your colleagues if they need help sends the signal that you care about them.
Most of the time, lending help can come in small ways such as getting them a cup of coffee or tea, or making copies of documents.
Despite these tasks being small, it relieves some of the stress from your colleagues, and makes the workplace dynamics more pleasant. 


The above are some ways to build robust relationships at work.
Be creative, use your unique personality traits and strengths in your relationship-building.  



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