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How to Boost Your Career Prospects In 2020

Whether certain situation has led you to pursue a job you are not passionate about, you are unhappy with your current salary or you feel that your skills are not utilised to its full potential, being stranded in a rut at the workplace is something that most people experience these days. They want to leave their current job but does not know how to get out of it.

Fortunately, there are several ways people can leave their current job and advance their career by doing something they are passionate about.

1. Assess Your Life Goals

You cannot create a plan until you find out what you actually want to do in life. So, in a weekend break, spend some time writing down the life goals you want to achieve. Discuss your plans with people who know you best and play around with some options. Once you figured out which direction you want to move in, you will have an instinctive reaction that this is what you really aiming for and then, you can start working towards it methodically.

2. Create a Proper Action Plan

Your goal might require you to further your study or might require some additional responsibility in your current job. It might feel tempting to put these things off when you feel the time is right or you are in a better place in your personal life. Setting deadlines to achieve your goals can give you the much-needed urgency to actually make your first move. Setting a deadline along with your action plan will not let you lose sight of the bigger picture.

3. Engage in Projects Showcasing the Skills You want to be Recognised for

If you are vying for a promotion, then you need to prove your higher-ups that you have the required skills and the willingness to take up that particular role. For example, if you’re looking for a promotion in the HR department, then come forward and help your boss to recruit fresh talents or lead a training session to showcase your leadership skills.

4. Improve Your Professional networking and Industry Expertise

If there is no room for promotion in your current job, then you might be looking for alternate career positions in other companies. But how will anyone consider you if nobody knows you? This is where professional networking websites come in. Sign up to some of the most popular professional networking websites and update your status regularly. You can also join some forums and make your opinion heard on some industry-related subjects.

5. Always Open to New Things in Life

We are currently living in a time that is changing rapidly, especially if you have a career in a technical or digital field. If you found any new skill in your field that you don’t have while browsing job openings, then make acquiring that skill your top priority. If it challenges the way you do things in your life, so be it.


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