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How To Have Yourself More Employable During COVID

2020 hasn’t been a great year since the beginning. COVID-19 took a lot from people and institutions.

The drastic reduction in job sectors after the lockdown has been quite challenging.

But now, there are many vacancies in multiple companies.

Finding a suitable job for you or making yourself presentable for your desired job may seem like a challenging job but don’t stress yourself.

We got you covered.


Follow the four steps we have figured below to make yourself more employable even throughout the COVID:

Make an Eye-Catching CV

In case you’ve been using the same template for your CV for a while now, it’s just the right time for you to make some long due changes to your CV.

You’ll find experts offering free CV review services.

Since you don’t have anything to lose, you might as well give it a try and get your chances of getting employed polished.

Second opinions are always helpful.



Scoop a New Language In Your Bag

While learning a new language might take time and require a lot of effort, it’s pretty helpful.

Since you’re already stuck at home or spend more time at home, the timing couldn’t be any better to start learning a new language.

All you have is time, and it’s worth every second of your time.

Teaching yourself a new language will create an entirely new road for you to walk with poured in opportunities regarding work and not to mention travel.

Adding a new language will give you extra credit and consider you more employable.

This will highlight your capability against monolingual applicants.

You need to ensure that companies find your communication and learning motivation extremely commendable.

Languages that’ll help you become more employable are:

Build A Digital Skill

If there’s a skill you’ve been eyeing for a while to learn, this COVID season might be the best time for you to get started.

Study a few skills that might benefit your career.

It’s best to learn these early because it might be tough to learn new skills once you’re already in your job field.

Skills that can help:



Create Your Internet Network

This may be the perfect time to get in touch with the hirers, recruiting companies, and all other professionals available online.

You may find some companies have their recruitment process put off due to the COVID.

However, you can always let them know that you’ll be available for any upcoming opportunities.

Updating your LinkedIn profile would be a wise choice considering most of your networking will be done online.

This will let recruiters and the companies know that you’re up for hiring.

Update your professional networking sites like:


Hopefully, the four steps guide was helpful for you.

Instead of sitting around, keep building technical, organizational, and strategic skills, as these will help you both during the COVID and after the pandemic ends.


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