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How To Work Around Or Work With Micromanagers

Few things can be as irritating as dealing with middle managers, especially middle managers who refuse to delegate responsibility and instead choose to micromanage you and try to insert themselves into every aspect of your work.  Not only is it frustrating and rude on a personal and professional level, but it also leads to decreased work productivity.

Yet so many managers feel the need to do so and it can have an incredibly negative effect on your work environment.  However, there are certain tips and strategies that can help to get those pesky managers off your back.

One of the simplest ways to get an irritating micromanager off of your back is to preemptively strike with information.  Oftentimes, people will start micromanaging if they think they don’t have enough information.  So if you try to keep them in the loop and inform them of decisions as you make them, you may find they are appeased and will back off.  This could be accomplished by making sure to cc them on emails or sending them a daily status update where you lay out what things can do. If you work at a site where you have a lot of face to face time with someone, you can just give them a rundown of how your day is going and what is happening every few hours.

Another way you can potentially have a micromanager back off is by asking them how they would like something done and then do it that way.  Sometimes micromanagers are micromanaging because they don’t like the way you complete your tasks, but are not confident enough in their leadership over you to correct you and move on.  So they try to take over your task.  By just asking them how they want you to do something you can potentially just prevent them from disliking the way you do your job to begin with.

If none of these ways work, don’t underestimate the value of just sitting down with your boss and telling them that they need to give you space to breathe.  Many people who micromanage really don’t realize they are doing it and often think they are helping.  So, return the favor by reassuring them you can successfully complete the task at hand and you may be surprised at how quickly your situation resolves itself.

If you are dealing with a toxic foreman or manager of some sort who refuses to discuss the issues with you and continues to micromanage you, you should consider going to the next higher up and so on and so forth.  Within many industries this is referred to as going up the chain of command, and it is a vital process to help develop and control leaders who may not be willing to change or listen to their subordinates.  If done in a respectful and constructive way, you can often not only fix the issue at your level but also be thanked by higher managers who appreciate your honesty with them.


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