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Improve your Vocabulary and Sound Smarter

The written and spoken word both hold important roles when it comes to your job.

Our productivity is strongly related to our ability to express ourselves accurately so it is upsetting to learn that the average person’s vocabulary is declining.

To start with, a person needs to have strong knowledge of the vocabulary associated with their profession. On top of this, every person needs to be able to communicate effectively to both colleagues and outside the organisation.

The vocabulary required to effectively communicate with different people will be extensive. Often you may need to find alternative words to explain yourself to someone unfamiliar to your profession. It is through communication that we demonstrate our understanding of a topic and expertise.

Think of it in terms of a prospective client and who they are more likely to hire for a project. The breadth of your vocabulary can secure the position or make it disappear.

What exactly can be done to improve your vocabulary?

The good news is that it does not take forever and is relatively simple. The basics of expanding your vocabulary lie in exposing yourself to the language and learning how to manipulate it. The four tips below are guaranteed to help you become familiar with the language and learn how to successfully use it.

Play With The Language

Playing word games not only helps to build vocabulary but exposes you to the possibilities of the language and its uses. Approach this new learning like a child and use their techniques for exploring. Think of a word common to your profession such as ‘production’. Think about all the other forms of that word and how they are used such as ‘producing’, ‘produced’, ‘product’, ‘productivity’ and so on. When you are familiar with all the versions of different words, they come to mind easier and can be applied to whatever situation is facing you.

Just Keep Reading

You do not have to understand the likes of Shakespeare or read encyclopedias, but you should read. The more you read the more your vocabulary expands. What you read is not as vital as developing the habit of reading. It is the exposure that counts. You can even read for as little as 20 minutes a day or even listen to audio books. The point is to let your brain become familiar with the language and its uses. It does help to occasionally venture outside of your comfort zone. Reading about something other than your field or interests can only enhance your vocabulary further.

A New Word for Each Day

It is not likely you will find a word-a-day calendar anymore, but you can download the app. Learn a new word and how it is used every morning. You can even learn how to properly pronounce it. As a challenge, try to use it throughout the day. Each new word will be stored in memory to access whenever you want.

Built-In Thesaurus

We all rely on the spell checker tool when it comes to emails and documents but often forget about the thesaurus. Not only can it make your writing more concise but it opens your mind to alternative words that you can store away for future use. Think of the attention you will grab if you come up with an alternative way of saying an overused phrase in your profession. You can create more subtle meanings, smoother flow and will seem much more interesting than someone that spits out the same old verbiage.


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