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Integrity In Human Resources

Integrity is essential for any workplace. It’s expected in all sorts of professional fields and especially in works where one must maintain two or more sides. Management, for example.

Human Resources is no exception. In fact, it requires top-notch integrity and ethics to make fair decisions and do the right thing.

Let’s take a better look below:

How Should HR Be?

For HRs, each interaction with employees counts. That’s why all HR professionals must stick to the strict integrity code and be fair in all situations. This applies to the company’s confidential information too. They must maintain confidence while dealing with any outsiders.

HR must make honest deals with state representatives and federal government entities. Also, the company must be in compliance.

Integrity Towards Company and Employees

HR acts as a judge in any company. They’re expected to work as the conscience of management and make sure all the decisions are taken fairly per the law.

Human resources must have their goals set and make sure there’s a right balance between the needs of employees and management. HR is bound to choose the best for the company no matter what. That’s how the job works for the HRs.

However, at the end of the day, they’re still human, and their personal needs/agendas can interfere and complicate these matters with the company. This is unexpected and unprofessional.

HR must report only the truths to the management. Anything except the truth will only lead to complications.

HR should always be ready to stand up for the right thing. Otherwise, it’ll only harm both the employees and the company.

Besides being loyal to the company, HR has to be kind, respectful, and considerate to the employees too. If there is not respect and cooperation between the HR and the employees, then the HR won’t earn the employee’s trust and respect either.

Two-faced characteristics are very harmful to the company and can damage the bonds with the employees too. This is where integrity plays its role and uses the conscience to bring people on the right path.

Arguments are unavoidable in a workplace that holds multiple employees. HR must be just while fixing things. Let’s say an employee complains to an HR that he/she has been mistreated by someone of high-rank from the company. Human resources can stay silent. But that would be very unfair and unjust.

Rather the HR must toughen up in a time like this and lay the right words in front of the involved individuals. They must play their trump card and be confident about the fair decisions they make.

Sometimes it’s really challenging as they have to object or disagree with their reporting management to give justice to the employees. Like an acid test for the HRs.

HR can’t just walk away after getting a shallow answer from the higher-rank individual.

They must bring justice to the employee if they’ve been treated in a way that’s not in the policy or the law.

Last Words

It’s not an easy job.

HRs must have the courage and the responsibility to be just, honest, and truthful in every step they take.


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