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OLPC + TOEIC Test Special Package 2020

Get Better TOEIC Score In ONE Take!


Fast track with OLPC + TOEIC PACKAGE that will help you get better TOEIC test score.

Offer extended to 30 Sep 2020


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Connectere offers you the help you need with an unbeatable package price.

Official Learning and Preparation Course (OLPC) shows you how to improve. Familiarizes you and gets you comfortable and confident with the TOIC test.

OLPC comes in 3 modules. Basic, Intermediate and Advance. Each module takes 2 months for you to complete the course.

Choose all 3 modules, you will have 6 months to complete and prepare for the next TOEIC test.

Choose the module you need to help you best to get your intended score.

Our special price during this time of COVID 19 :

  1. OLPC one module* and TOEIC test $150
  2. OLPC any two modules* and TOEIC test $160
  3. OLPC all three modules and TOEIC test $170* Choose from Basic, Intermediate and/or Advance module.

This price comes with the TOEIC test inclusive. The TOEIC test must be taken by 31st Dec 2020. This special offer is good only till 30 Sep 2020

Read On For Crucial Details

 You will receive One Module of OLPC, plus a TOEIC Listening and Reading test (which alone cost S$120) at a Never-Before price of S$150

 Sign up by 30 Sep 2020, and you will have a One-Month runway to prepare before taking the test.

 OLPC is an online course so you can take the course at your pace, anytime, anywhere!

 Select a OLPC module to challenge yourself to the next level of English skills, ensuring that you are well covered for the test.

 The makers of TOEIC test created OLPC. That means this is the closest you can get to the real test before sitting for it!

 You will have until 31st Dec 2020 to take the TOEIC test.

How To Sign Up

1. Click on the Big Orange button below.

2. You will be led to the OLPC sign-up form.

3. Fill in all the fields.

4. On page 2, select Basic, Intermediate or Advance Module + OLPC bundle.

5. Once you have completed the 2-page form, click on Submit on the 3rd page and we will send you an invoice for payment.

6. This module will give you up to a month to complete, before you take the TOEIC test.

7. Ready for the TOEIC test? Just log in again as a registered user and book a slot for the test!

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No thanks. My English is absolutely perfect, and my career is totally secured.


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Call: +65 6438 6900
Email: contact@connectere.net

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