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For P&G, investing in English is a business strategy.

For P&G, investing in English is a business strategy.

With global operations in more than 70 countries — and brands being distributed in more than 180 — seamless communication with colleagues is imperative at P&G. Having a common platform on which to communicate is critical, and that platform is English.

P&G Costa Rica hires the person, not the position. If HR identifies a candidate as having the necessary technical skills but he or she lacks English skills, P&G will invest in English training through formal assessment and training. P&G also provides a supportive environment for employees to improve their English skills together.

Investing in employees’ English skills helps P&G develop the best talent, build future leadership and drive company results.

P&G invests in their employees’ English skills through:

  • On-site English training courses — from small group classes to one-on-one training with tutors
  • Off-site training at language schools
  • Web-based training

Beyond the classroom, P&G supports English-learning through:

  • English-only days, where employees choose to communicate in English only
  • Mentors who give employees the chance to practice their presentations and get advice
  • Employee-run English clubs, an informal way for employees to practice their skills together

For P&G, English is an investment that truly pays off with: 

  • Higher employee engagement
  • Greater ability to move talent throughout the organization where it’s needed most
  • Better employee productivity

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