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Planning for a successful career

There are many people who are struggling to have a breakthrough because they have found themselves in the wrong career. There is nothing as difficult as forcing yourself to do what you’re not cut out for. This article offers a few important steps in choosing the right career.

1. Make an early decision

A lot of people still float around until after they graduate from college before thinking of a career. This is a little too late. Try to make a choice as early as possible to have more time to plan and achieve it. In fact, you may end up going for a college course that does not support your career if you don’t make an early choice.

2. Assess yourself

It is easier to excel in a profession you’re cut out for. Assess yourself and find out your strengths and weaknesses. Doing what gives you joy is like getting paid for enjoying yourself. Do you have the ability to convince your friends on different issues easily? You may be cut out for marketing. Do you find yourself sitting by sick people to help them get better? May be you’re meant to be a medical practitioner. Or you enjoy helping your friends with their homework. You could be headed for the teaching profession. Assess yourself, your strength, and find out what gives you joy.

3. Select the professions that are in line with your strengths

List out all the professions that are related to your strengths and what you love. For instance, if you enjoying nursing sick people back to health, you could go for nursing, dentistry, general medicine, surgery, or other professions in the medical line. List them out and consider your resources. Using the example above, if you feel medicine (doctor) may be too costly to study and you or your parents may not be able to afford it, you could start with nursing and then save enough money for the necessary courses and training to become a doctor.

4. Select the most suitable one

After exploring your options, you can select the most suitable career based on your situation and resources. This will help you focus all your time, efforts, and resources towards one profession.

5. Get a mentor

Once you have chosen your career, the race begins. Continue to read anything you come across on your chosen profession. The more you know about it, the better you can prepare for it. It is also important to find a mentor. It has to be someone that has made a successful career out of your chosen profession. He’ll guide and mentor you to success. He’ll also help you with the necessary resources. Most of all, he should be able to get you well connected in the field.

6. Create a roadmap

Now that you are clear on your career plan, you will need to create a roadmap on how to achieve it (to break into your chosen career). Break the plan into smaller goals. The goals include studying the right courses, getting the necessary training, and being registered in relevant professional organisations.

No matter what your chosen profession is, the few tips above should help you get into it faster and more easily.


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