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Questions and things you should never ask or say in an interview


1. I have waited for a while ..

While you are technically not rude to say this, it will certainly make the interviewer raise an eyebrow. What seem like a causal remark may be interpreted as a complaint, which puts you in a bad light.

2. Are my colleagues and superiors friendly and nice people?

The interviewer’s interpretation of this sentence is that you lack confidence in interpersonal relationships, which may also mean that you are not suited for the role.

3. Are you married? Do you have children? How old are you?

The above questions are considered personal and inappropriate in formal business settings, let alone a job interview. Remember never to ask the interviewer or anyone sitting in any personal questions. Do it after you’ve gotten the job!

4. I heard something about the company’s CEO …

It is absolutely forbidden to discuss gossip about other people at the time of the interview. It will make you appear very unprofessional and lacking in personal character, which are both strong disqualifying factors.

5. What is the mission / focus of the company?

While it is fine to ask about the near-term goals of the company, asking about the company’s overall mission or offerings is simply telling the interviewer one thing : that you do not know why you are here for, or you are here just because you needed a job. It is a question that is always construed as a waste of each other’s time.

6. I have no shortcomings

This statement either says that you do not know yourself well, or you may lack IQ / EQ capabilities. Either way, you will not be seen as a mature individual who understands that everyone has room for improvements.

7. Vulgar, crude language

This goes without saying, of course. Just be very aware of every word you use – words like heck, damn or shit are reserved for friends only.

8. I’ve read about the many problems in your company ..

It’ll be great if you come in with some innovative solutions for the problems in the company, which may put you in a good light during the interview. However, special attention is needed on the way and tone in expressing your thoughts. Do use more positive words and a positive tone when talking about the problems, otherwise, you may be misinterpreted as being negative.

9. I am sorry, I have to take a very important phone call

This is a suicidal act during a job interview. Be sure to turn off your phone and devote 100% of your attention and focus on the interview and the interviewer(s).

10. I really need this job

It is true that you need a job, but it is best to keep that to yourself at all times during the interview.

11. I have a cute dog / I love my mum’s cooking / My wife likes travelling

The theme of the interview is to sell yourself and your unique abilities, which means you have to demonstrate through communication how you can help improve the company, and why you are the best person for the role. All the focus should be on this.



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