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Recruitment During COVID

COVID-19 pandemic caught us all off-guard and made every step of our life extremely challenging. It affected almost all industries, and some even had to close down companies for good. It hit the financial situation of all classes of people and businesses. As much as the companies need to stay closed for safety, they also need to reopen to overcome the loss.

One of the most critical jobs for any company during COVID-19 would be recruitment. As recruitment requires physical appearance, it increases the health risk of every employee and candidate.

So, how do you do it safely?

Here are some proven methods for recruiting during COVID-19 successfully.

Let’s go:

Digital Collaboration and Hiring

There’s no doubt that a pandemic is the best time to spend on an automated, no-touch hiring solution. These solutions keep your recruitment running through the crisis and even after that. For all companies ready to take the high road, creative software can drive the remote hiring procedures from start to end. Including: chatbot involvement, online evaluations, automated programming, and interview through video.

However, for smaller organizations or companies, free solutions like Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom are quite helpful for interviewing. As a gesture of encouragement, Microsoft decided to offer a free subscription to Teams throughout the COVID-19 so the businesses can meet face to face and work together.

It’s even easier to hire recruits during COVID as most people are at home due to safety concerns. Companies might just find the right fit for them despite the quarantine.

To bring your company’s best value from a recruitment perspective, video interview software is undeniably essential. It’s best for both the employees and candidates to maintain their safety and get the jobs done simultaneously.

Here’s how the software for the video interview will get everything done successfully:

  • Improve employee productivity with flexible interviews that allow employees to get more done

  • Perform interviews anywhere, anytime without any delays and clashes in the schedules

  • Get connected within seconds, and it doesn’t require any add-ons or practice

Online Career Fair

It’s an online event that happens on a particular channel. These fairs are also excellent to find a suitable applicant for your company. Companies can use these fairs to ask the potential recruits certain questions as they’d in an interview.

Such virtual job fairs also offer resume advice, quizzes regarding careers, and videos about presenting yourself in the interview.

Safety Comes First

Although work is essential for living, remember that you don’t live for work. So maintain maximum safety before getting into any work field. Never compromise your own safety or risk someone else’s in the process.


The only way to fight COVID-19 and not fall apart is to work together and help each other. Unity and safety are the most important parts of 2020. Stay safe.


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