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Resume Tips For A Role In The Customer Service Industry

If you are thinking about a career in the customer service, you will need to make sure your resume puts you in the best possible light for the role. Your resume is the first thing would-be employers see, and the first impression they form will play a big role in your ability to get an interview and ultimately land the job.

The service industry is expected to see some strong growth in the years ahead. While many people equate customer service work with large call center operations, there is much more to the industry than that. Customer service professionals are employed in every industry, from F&B and retail to health care and government.

Target Your Resume

It has never been more important to target your resume to the industry you are trying to break into. Most large companies now use automated programs to screen incoming resumes, and if yours does not pass that screen, it may never be seen by human eyes.

The customer service world is a highly specialised one, and different industries are looking for very specific skills. A customer service rep with 25 years of experience in the banking industry may not be a good fit for a health care company, just as a customer service manager from an insurance company may not have the knowledge needed in a retail environment. If your customer service experience is concentrated in a specific industry, be sure to emphasize that experience if you are applying for a similar position.

You can use the job posting to make targeting your resume easier. The job posting will probably include a number of keywords and required skills. Be sure to include as much of that information as possible in your resume. If the job posting calls for strong MS Office skills, you should include them in the skills section of your resume (assuming you know how to use the program). The same goes for other skills and software programs that may be referenced in the job posting.

Targeting is just as important once your resume makes it through the automated screening process and makes it to the hiring manager. Anyone reading the resume should be able to see instantly that you are seeking a customer service position. The easiest way to accomplish this is to place it in the objectives section of your resume. Since the objective is at the top, it is likely to be one of the first things the hiring manager sees.

Any specific experience you can bring to the table will be valuable to a would-be employer. Those industry-specific skills are in high demand, and possessing them could put you at the front of the pack. Make sure your resume reflects the special skills, experience and training you have worked so hard to acquire.

Emphasize Results

The customer service industry has seen strong growth over the last couple of years, and that growth is expected to continue. The trend of outsourcing call center operations to countries like India and Pakistan has already started to reverse, and many more companies are expected to bring their operators back on-shore in the coming years. That is good news for job seekers, and one more reason for them to polish their resumes and brush up on their interviewing skills.

Employers want to know what you were able to accomplish at your last job, not what you did every day. Many job seekers make the mistake of listing their daily duties in the experience section of their resumes. While employers do want to know what experience you have, they are more concerned with the results you were able to accomplish.

Highlighting those accomplishments can put your resume at the top of the pile and set you apart from the competition. Highlighting results is often easier for managers and supervisors than front-line workers, but every job seeker should be able to point to a time when they achieved an important goal.


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