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The Importance of English Language Skills in the Workplace

How important is it to have a good command of the English language in our workplace?

Is it a criteria that upper management take into account when assessing an employee?


With English being the most spoken language in the world, it has also become the default international language for most companies when working together with a company from another country.

This leads to many employers emphasising on the importance of having a good command of the English language in their employees.


Certain management roles require the staff to be well versed in the English language as they have to communicate with external stakeholders frequently.

Being able to speak the language eloquently would portray a more professional image of themselves as well as the company they represent.


Hence, the importance of being able to speak and write fluently in the English language has become a key requirement for many important roles in companies.


How to improve your English language skills

For starters, you may wish to consider signing up for English classes that provide proper coaching and assessments that will allow you to quickly improve your English language skills in no time.

The TOEIC assessment is an international standardised test of the English language that tests the proficiency of non-native speakers.

It is specifically designed to measure the English skills of individuals in the work environment.


Another way that can help you improve your command of the language is to listen and speak more in English.

Watching the news, movies and shows in English will help you become more comfortable hearing people speak in the language.

Find someone that you can practice having conversations with in English and do it as frequently as possible.

Remember, do not be afraid to make mistakes!


Once you are confident enough, try speaking to everyone in English and find out where your weaknesses are.

The more you do it, the more you will understand the language better.

This will further enhance your ability and confidence when speaking to native English speakers.


Avoid solely memorising vocabulary without understanding the meaning of the word and how to appropriately use it.

Many times, beginners tend to memorise profound words and use it in an attempt to sound more well versed in the language.

However, without properly understanding the word or phrase that you are using, it might backfire and the people around you might be confused with what you are trying to say.


There is no shortcut to learning the English language.

As with any other language in the world, t requires a lot of time and dedication to practice and learn it properly.

But do not be afraid to take that step out and start, as once you get the hang of it, everything becomes easier.


Having a good command in the English language would definitely be useful for you in your workplace.

It would give you the confidence you need to speak to anyone without the fear of a language barrier, and it just might give you the opportunity to secure a progression in your career.

It is never too late to start.

Start today!


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