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The Importance of Networking: More essential than you know

Do you really understand and recognise the importance of networking? Or do you perhaps undermine the value of networking?

If you do not already know the importance of networking, it’s not too late to start learning about it now!

Networking is an essential skill that will prove to be important at any stage of your life or career.
Equipping yourself with networking skills will help you connect better with others and build a strong and sustainable relationship.

As we know, having a strong and wide network will put us in a position filled with opportunities and potential referrals.
However, all these is only possible if we start networking purposefully with the right mindset!

You may think that you have mastered the art of networking, but are you really networking with a purpose?
Most times, people tend to think of networking as attending social events and exchanging as many name cards and speaking to as many people as possible.

But networking is far from just that.

Your contact list might be filled with tons of contact numbers but how many of them are actual connections that you have established relationships with?
One mistake that most people make when trying to network is getting a lot of contacts but not forming actual connections with these contacts.

A connection is made only when someone who knows you, also trusts you because of the level of credibility that you have established with that person.

Strong connections are much more valuable than having thousands of contacts in your phone.

Only through purposeful and consistent networking can we start building relationships with others.
When we think about networking, we often think about how much value the other person can bring to us.
We often fail to think about how much value we are bringing to the table.
A relationship where both parties can benefit is the most ideal.
It will allow the relationship to become stronger as both parties start to trust each other more.

There are many individuals that absolutely dread networking.

They shun away from every networking opportunity that presents itself before them.
However, networking has proved to be a pivotal aspect when it comes to career development and achieving success.
It is not surprising to know that the people with more meaningful connections tend to achieve more success.
Networking not only gives you the opportunity to know other people, it also serves as a platform for you to learn about other industries, global trends and an entire myriad of information.

It is never too late to start building your network.

Take active steps to network with others purposefully, network with the right mentality and a genuine spirit and you will soon discover your network growing bigger and stronger.

Remember, networking can happen anywhere and any time.
So always be prepared for you never know when your next golden opportunity comes knocking on your door!



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