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The Most Lucrative Careers in Asia

According to a reliable report, the economies of the countries in Asia are growing at a steady and encouraging rate. On the average, the economies of the countries in Asia have been forecasted to grow by about 5.5% by the end of 2019.

The steady economic growth has opened many doors of career opportunities in the region. There are so many lucrative careers there but some of them are more lucrative than others. So, this article lists some of the highest paying jobs in Asia.

Software and Mobile App Developers

You must have observed that there are software tools and mobile app developed for different tasks. In fact, if you are struggling to carry out a particular task on the system, it is because you don’t have the software or mobile app developed for the task. There are software and mobile apps for banking, Forex trading, casino games, healthcare, gaming, and many more. Right now, most home appliances now come with their own mobile apps. That is why software and mobile app developers are smiling to the bank in Asia and the trend may not change anytime soon.


If you can speak more than one international language, you will make a lot of money in Asia especially if English is one of them. Different Asian companies now market and supply their products across the globe. To walk around the difference in languages, they hire translators to translate their content to the language spoken in the country where they want to sell their products. Several Japanese and Chinese companies now translate the content of their websites to other languages apart from theirs. Moreover, the manuals of different appliances are now multilingual. Creating multilingual content will help raise the sales potential of your products in different countries.

Medical Practitioners

Doctors and nurses receive jumbo pay in Asia, United States, Canada, and many other countries. This is because nothing can be compared to human lives. Healthcare providers help to preserve lives. If you have ever encountered serious pain before, you will understand why healthcare providers should be paid handsomely.

Airline Jobs

While there are several means of transportation, air transport is the fastest and most convenient. In fact, air travel makes some trips possible. In addition to that, a lot of people now tour around the world to see beautiful places. Americans and Asians do not joke with their vacations. So, the demand for air travel keeps increasing and so is the cost of the service. Naturally, aviation is a booming industry and that is why pilots and cabin crew are paid heavily. Add the risk of the job to the equation and you will agree that no pay is too much for a pilot.

Sales Executives

Another career to will fetch you a lot of money in Asia is sales. This is because sales executives are the ones that generate the company’s revenue by making huge sales. If sales are not made, the company will not make enough profit to pay cover its overheads.

In conclusion, if you intend to relocate to any Asian country to earn a livelihood, consider any of the professions discussed above and you might just hit six figures in no time!


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