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When You Should Not Request For A Pay Raise

A good reason to ask for a raise is where there exists objective proof that you deserve more than what you are currently getting. If you have consistently performed well beyond the basic expectations of your position, regularly pitched in when other members of your team need help on projects, or if you have helped the company improve its bottom line in an impactful way, you have a great case for requesting for a raise.

In the absence of strong supporting factors like those mentioned, it can be tough to argue for a pay raise without risking the wrath of your boss, or even your job. This is especially so when you are trying to justify the request with poor reasonings such as these!

Coworker makes more

A bad reason for asking for a raise is to match the salary of your colleague in the next cubicle. Just because you sneaked a peek at your coworker’s paycheck and discovered that he makes 20 percent more than you do for doing the same job, it doesn’t mean you should rush in to your boss’s office and seek the same amount. For all you know, the company pays the other worker more because she has better credentials, more experience, or was hired because someone made a personal recommendation to the head of human resources. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making your boss compare you to a better worker. You might get moved to the top of the list of who will get fired next.

New family or mouths to feed

Another bad reason to ask for a raise is to bring up the fact that you have become a new parent, or have just started a new family with new financial obligations. Your boss will likely not be moved or express sympathy to your ‘plight’, and may even make a mental note that you might be soon leaving the company for a better salary somewhere else.

Initial salary is too low

Don’t tell your boss that you need a raise now because the initial salary you agreed to when you were hired was actually below market rates, or it is insufficient to pay your living expenses. If you were desperate when you initially interviewed for your job and accepted the company’s invitation to come to work at a salary you knew was too low to support you and your family, you are guilty of it. How can your boss trust you now if you announce that you have not been honest during your job interview?

Credit card or gambling debts

The worst reason one can give to request for a pay raise is undoubtedly this – because you are having trouble paying off your credit cards or gambling debts. Your boss will not likely be swayed by your argument that you need both your hands to type, which mobsters will crush if you can’t pay up. Jokes aside, but the outcome of this request is a likely no, and a major blow to your professional standing and future prospects in the company.


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